The Govt. of India has incorporated certain amendments in the CSR regulations which are mentioned as under :
"As per CSR guidelines, CSR activities should be undertaken by the companies in project/program mode [as referred in Rule 4 (1) of Companies CSR Rules, 2014]"

I)  One-off events such as marathons/ awards, charitable, contribution/ advertisement/ sponsorship of TV       programs etc. would not be qualified as part of CSR expenditure. Going further it mentions Promotion of Road       Safety through CSR :

  • (a)  Promotion of Education, Educating the masses and Promotion of Road Safety awareness in all facets of road       usage,
  • (b)  Drivers' training,
  • (c)  Training to enforcement personnel,
  • (d)  Safety traffic engineering and awareness through print, audio and visual media should be included.

II)  Social Business Projects: "giving medical and illegal aid, treatment to road accident victims" should be included.

Being the oldest organisation, we organize BLS Courses for the community. To conduct them regularly, we need your support and you are free to donate as per your will.

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