Is an awareness programme after an accident happening OR Post Accident Care.

Participants are apprised about the ways and means to tackle whole body injuries. It lays emphasis that Cardio Pulmonary Cerebral Resuscitation (CPCR) must be instituted within 3 minutes in case of cessation of heart and lungs, medical attention to be made available to the seriously injured victim within 1 hour (GOLDEN HOUR) and to reach a specialty hospital within 6 hours if a limb gets dissociated from the body so that reconstructive surgery could be performed to save the limb. Apart from visualizing the gravity of the injury, shifting an unconscious victim at 90o in the lateral (Log Roll) position to the hospital can save many a lives.

Knowledge on relevant sections of Motor Vehicle Act (MVA 1988) helps the public to strengthen its case in the court.

If any group, intitute or corporate wishes to get the above trainings with demonstartion with CPCR conducted, contact us.