As 80% of our public resides in the rural districts and its interiors where, at places, it may humanly not be possible to visit very frequently, the contents of Information, Education and Communication (IEC) activities concise in a video can be distributed for self-learning. The organization can thus spread its roots in urban and rural sectors as well although the manner of conducting them shall vary. Whereas in urban sector, Nukkad Natak (Street Play), Puppet Show and Cultural activities can be directly taught by professionals trained by our organization highlighting the issue of road safety, in rural sectors willing and passionate individuals from interior of villages will be selected to receive the above activities and they can further impart the same skills to the rural public as a regular feature. This carries significance looking towards the illiteracy and traditional rural background of the large percentage of population.

Survey, Brainstorming session, Quiz and Painting Competitions, Rallies and Nara Lakhen will also be an integral component.

As we have the expertise to conduct the above activities we can get them organised as per demand.