Because youth today has the potential to shoulder responsibility of bringing about a change through the present means of Whatsapp, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook. As responsible citizens they can attract the attention of others to follow and propagate the mission so as to revert the present negative scenario into a positive one.

Through our efforts, we endeavour to bring about positive change in the society and we welcome you to be part of the process. To this end, we wish to reach out to all the stakeholders involved in the process of inclusive development.

Mortalities due to Road Accidents in India have far outweighed the mortality figures due to life threatening infections and life style diseases.

In all probability no colony or township has remained untouched by the human tragedy brought about by road accidents.

As per statistics, we have one road accident each minute and one resultant death every 4 minutes. Our organization, since its inception in the year 1995 has been training the public to save lives so as to bring down these astonishing figures. It is with the support of each one of us that this menace can be curbed. The MAAM has been formed to give impetus to this cause through your cooperation.

The trust shall provide complete Training DVD which enables you to further impart this module to others.

Come join the MAAM team and enlist others too to erase this dubious distinction of our nation
India Leads World in Road Deaths - WHO

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