Sahayta was envisioned by Dr Maya Tandon in 1995 involving participation of the masses to contribute in the process of road strategies by learning the art of saving life of a road accident victim. Its mission was focused on saving the lives of accident victims by training manpower in life-saving procedures and motivating them to come to the rescue of the injured. Our approach and experiences have benefited the road users who are caught unawares in an accident. Their attention gets focused on Post-Accident scenario where instant help is made available not only to take care of the grave injuries but also to transport the injured in the correct method so that more lives are saved.


1.  Chairperson cum Managing Trustee
     Dr. Maya Tandon MBBS; DA; MS (Anaes)
     Former Professor and Head, Deptt. Of Anaesthesiology,
     Superintendent, Jaykaylon Hospital, SMS Medical College, Jaipur,
     Rajasthan, (India), Email :

2.  Secretary Mr. Tara Chand Saharan RAS (Retd.)
     Former Member Board of Revenue for Rajasthan (India)
     Email :

3.  Treasurer Dr. Kiran Tandon
     Former Associate Professor
     Eklavya Dental College, Kotputli, Rajasthan;
     Rajasthan, (India), Email :

4.  Trustee Dr. Rashmi Sharma MD (Anaes) Pune (Ex. Army),
     Freelance Consultant Anaesthesiologist.& Critical Care Specialist);
     Email :

5.  Trustee Dr. Achla Kapoor MD (Gynae & Obs)
     Former Joint Director DM&HS;
     Email :

6.  Trustee Dr. Sandeep Tandon BDS, MDS (LKO)
     Professor and Unit Head, Dept of Pedodontics
     Govt. Dental College and Hospital, Jaipur, Rajasthan (India);
     Email :

7.  Ashish Sharma M.Com (EAFM) Liaison Officer;
     Email :;
     Contact No. +91-9509353435

8.  Program Coordinator Raj Agrawal M.A (Sociology, History) & BJMC
     Email :;
     Contact No. +91-7877199122

Nearly 3,400 people die on the world's roads every day. Tens of millions of people are injured or disabled every year. According to Wikipedia, young adults aged between 15 and 44 years account for 59% of global road traffic deaths. 77% road deaths are among men (Wikipedia).


As many years had elapsed since its inception (1995), a new young force was needed to take the mission forward so as to run efficiently for many years down the line. SAHAYTA was therefore registered in the year 2014 having skilled professionals and similar objectives.

We are taking up a small area in Rajasthan, provide corrective measures such that the ward attains zero accident mortality in few years. It can prove to be fruitful such that once we are able to show significant results, the same scheme can be replicated in other parts of the country.

The UN Global Road Safety Mission (2017) shall be followed and go slow movement shall be taken on priority as well as other commitments shall be done as per the mission.


“Extend a Helping Hand to An Injured”


  • To create awareness about Good Samaritan Law and insist that it is used in favour of the injured.
  • To train target groups with various life-saving skills including Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation-(CPR)    as well as transporting the injured to the nearest medical facility without wasting the initial precious moments.
  • To use App and Digital media in road accident scenarios so as to enhance the speed of help to victims.
  • Conduct enhancement activities to enable the trainees to gain more confidence through dialogue with trained    professionals and reach out to people in the rural areas. We are all aware that 3 % of GDP of the    country is spent on treating disabilities. It entails psychological trauma to the injured. If the only bread earner has    fallen a prey to an accident the entire family goes below the poverty line (BPL) for generations to come.